Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard

My greatest fan is my sweet daughter (we’ll call her Lily). We lay on her blanket every day and I tell stories of adventures she and our Golden Retriever have together. The most recent one is “Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard”. It’s definitely a silly story for a little girl.  Enjoy!

Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard

Once upon a time, there was a very kind princess who lived in the castle with her mom, dad and best friend, Lucy. Lucy was a puppy.

Lily had two magic jewels: a green one that let her talk to animals, and a blue one that let her control water. One day Lily walked through the kingdom searching for Lucy who she hadn’t seen all day. As she came to the edge of the kingdom and entered the forest, Lily found a squirrel frantically searching for something.

“Hello, Mr. Squirrel,” Lily said as she passed by. “Are you looking for something?”

“Oh, Princess Lily! Yes, well, yes. You see my wife is missing! We were out collecting nuts and supposed to meet back by our tree two hours ago, but she never showed up. She’s never late so I’m searching for her.”

“I’m sure she’s fine. I’m actually looking for someone, too. Would you like to look together?”

“That would be great,” said Mr. Squirrel. And the two travelers started their search for Lucy and Mrs. Squirrel.

They traveled through the Ooky Spooky Forest, but there was no Lucy and no Mrs. Squirrel. They traveled through Candy Cane Lane and Pumpkin Paradise, but there was no Lucy and no Mrs. Squirrel.

Finally, they found an ice garden. Mr. Squirrel shivered.

Lily and Mr. Squirrel walked under the arch gateway that opened up into a beautiful garden made completely of ice. Long icicles hung from tree branches and twisted towards the sky from the ground. But the most interesting thing in the garden was all of the ice sculptures.

“Wow,” said Lily as she walked passed the sculptures. “They are so detailed.”

Mr. Squirrel took a closer look and squinted at a pair of deer standing next to each other. “These two look a little familiar,” he said shaking his head. “And this mouse,” he leaned in close to another sculpture. “This mouse looks like my neighbor, Thomas.”

Suddenly Princess Lily gasped. “It’s Lucy!”

Princess Lucy took her blue jewel and held it in front of her facing the sculpture of Lucy. She closed her eyes to concentrate and then started to control the ice. In the blink of an eye, the ice turned to water and melted off of Lucy.

Lucy took a big breath. “I knew you’d find me, Lily! We must get out of here. The Ice Wizard will be back soon.”

“We can’t leave them behind!” Lily hurried and started to melt all of the sculptures in the garden. And, one by one as they melted, Lucy and Mr. Squirrel escorted the confused animals out of the garden to safety.

Just as the last sculpture melted and the forest animal skittered away, Lily heard a deep laugh. “Ha, ha, ha.” Lily looked up to see the Ice Wizard standing at the other end of the garden. “So you’ve found out my secret, princess.”

“You won’t hurt any more of my forest friends,” Princess Lily shouted trying to be brave.

“Oh, you’ve taken all of the ones I’d hoped to collect,” he said, his voice booming across the garden. “I guess now I will have to begin my garden again. And my first sculpture will be… a princess.”

The Ice Wizard pointed his staff at Princess Lily and ice shot from its tip. Lily held up her hands to block her face, her blue jewel dangling from her fingers, and the ice melted midair. The Ice Wizard looked confused but tried again. This time Lily held her blue jewel in front of her face and pushed her hands toward the Ice Wizard. Instead of melting midair, this time the ice turned and shot back towards the Ice Wizard, hitting him square in the chest.

And the ice garden only has, and will ever have, one scultpure: A wizard made of ice.