Let the Writing Begin

My first trilogy is on track within the daunting publishing world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The Harvest trilogy is set to release within the next 7-9 months and I am furiously working to get everything down on paper for you to read.

The Harvest (Book One) began over six years ago. It was a fun idea that I spent long summer days working on with no real plan of where it was going. I’d write as ideas came to me and take breaks when they didn’t. Well, six years–and seven complete overhauls to the idea–later and it’s finally finished. But not only that, I learned, while writing The Harvest, that Iris and Jace’s story didn’t end with my last chapter.

The Hunt (Book Two) was born. I learned my lesson though and I wasn’t about to spend another six years, or seven rewrites, discovering how their story played out. So I got to work and wrote an outline and as I got into the nitty-gritty of the story…

The Harrowing (Book Three) unraveled itself. I dove into an outline for The Harrowing as well before ever starting to write The Hunt, something completely against my usual nature (I’m a very organized, checklist sort of person so this was a leap!).

The entire process of writing the outlines, finding and fixing plot holes, and brainstorming until my—and my husband’s—brain was about to explode took a few months, but it is well worth it. And now that they’re finished, I’m so happy to say…

Let the writing begin!