Call of the Sirens: The Complete Trilogy

Call of the Sirens: The Complete Trilogy

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Author: KB Benson
Publisher: Undaunted Publishing
Publication Date: March 18, 2020


About the Book

Sirens stole everything from her. Now she’s fighting back. 

Over 1,000 pages of heart-racing paranormal fantasy in one boxed set!

Banished to the land by her siren clan, Iris is charged with luring human prey into the depths of the sea as penance. They are victims of the Harvest — a sacrificial feast hearkening back to the days of Odysseus.

No one escapes the siren’s song.

But as Iris’ love for the human world grows, she is torn between her loyalties above and below the waves. When the waters under the sea darken and the sirens delve into forbidden magic, Iris turns to ancient legends to protect her loved ones and save humankind.

Dive into a magical, mysterious side of our world you never knew existed. Journey with Iris and discover what it means to be human… including undying love and heartbreaking loss.

If you enjoy paranormal fantasy filled with mythology, adventure and romance, then you’ll love the Call of the Sirens Trilogy!

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