Behind Call of the Sirens

I started writing The Harvest six years ago with only a dream, and no real plan to publish and unleash my story on the world. Back then, it began as a simple love story between boy and monster. It’s come a long way.

As 2018 opened, I dug my heels in and got to work plotting and outlining The Hunt and The Harrowing (Books Two and Three). I plotted, outlined, scrapped sections and rewrote. I got discouraging feedback from beta readers, but buried myself in it and came out on top having overcome the challenges the feedback posed. I’ve spent countless days, and an impossible number of hours, glued to my computer. I gave up watching television and movies for almost nine months so that I could focus on accomplishing this dream of publishing. A dream I’ve had since I was a teenager.

Little did I know that I’d be writing The Hunt and The Harrowing during one of the hardest years of my life. At times, writing kept me sane, it gave me an outlet, but it mostly expressed the deep thoughts of my heart. Yes, Call of the Sirens is a clean YA Fantasy Romance about how boy meets monster and falls in love. But it is so much more than that. It is about learning to love the amazing person you are. Just the way you are.

We all go through individual trials. We all shoulder burdens that at times seem unbearable, unbreakable, and unsurvivable. But we bear them. We break through them. We not only survive but somehow come out stronger. That is what Call of the Sirens is about.

You are beautiful. Because who you are is who God meant for you to be.