8 Lessons Learned by Writing Two Books in a Year

If you follow me on social media, then you've likely heard me say often about how 2018-2019 was a whirlwind! Not only did I rewrite, refine, and edit The Harvest (Call of the Sirens Book One), but I drafted outlines, wrote the rough drafts, rewrote, revised, rewrote, revised, rewrote, and revised the manuscripts for The Hunt (Call of the Sirens Book Two) and The Harrowing (Call of the Sirens Book Three). And each book ended up being over 90,000 words after cutting all the fluff. I can't tell you how many times my number one brainstormer stayed up late with me to talk through plot holes or surprise twists each book could take. Or how much time I spent scrapping ideas and...

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DELETED SCENE: The Eucracian Clan

Iris' Point of View Instead, I imagine the beautiful world beneath the waves, full of lush star grass and underwater gardens. Miles of thick algae fields spread out in every direction in my mind’s eye. Fish of all sizes zip around each other in a cohesive ecosystem. Opening my eyes, I glance at Jace as he lies motionless in the sand. His face rests void of all expression and, for a moment, he’s just the boy I fell in love with lying next to me on the beach. An impenetrable heat spreads through my chest. Ani shifts her stance and folds her legs underneath as she lowers herself to the sand. Now’s as good a time to interrupt as any....

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