Call of the Sirens Pronunciation Guide

Call of the Sirens has been out since February 2019 and since the release of The Hunt (Book Two), I have been getting requests for a pronunciation guide for my character names. In my mind, they are so easy to say because I’ve been friends with them for years; but some of them are definitely abstract.

Do you want to know a secret? Most of them have a specific meaning behind them, too.

Character Pronunciations

Kai Demonas

Pronounced “K-eye Di-moan-us”
Greek Translation: κηδεμόνας (kidemónas) or “Guardian”


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Pronounced “Day-me-yun”
Greek Translation: εξουσία (exousía) or “Power”

  • His name is a play on the English word “Dominion”



Pronounced “Ass-then-nee-ya” or “Ass-then”
Greek Translation: ασθενία (asthenía) or “Illness”



Pronounced “An-nick-nef-tis” or “Annie”
Greek Translation: ανιχνευτής (anichneftís) or “Scout”


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Pronounced “Ay-ca-luss”
Greek Translation: αχελώος (achelóos). He’s a real god in Greek Mythology

Vocabulary Pronunciation

Pýli pronounced “pee-lee”


I hope this little guide helps!

Are there any other words from Call of the Sirens you’d like to see a pronunciation to? Let me know and I’m happy to add them!