The Harvest

As the tide runs red with the blood of the Harvest, Iris must choose: remain loyal to her family or save the life of the human boy she loves, sacrificing her identity as a siren of the sea.

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The Hunt

Jace Jacobsen’s world disintegrated when a ruthless clan of sirens captured the love of his life. Now he’s giving up everything to go on the hunt for Iris—a journey he’s destined to fail.

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The Harrowing

A climactic battle between two worlds. A love between two lost souls. After a year imprisoned underwater, Iris is free and on the run. But escape comes with a dark discovery: her siren clan plans to wage war on the human world.

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Behind Call of the Sirens

I started writing The Harvest six years ago with only a dream, and no real plan to publish and unleash my story on the world. Back then, it began as a simple love story between boy and monster. It's come a long way. As 2018 opened, I dug my heels in and got to work plotting and outlining The Hunt and The Harrowing (Books Two and Three). I plotted, outlined, scrapped sections and rewrote. I got discouraging feedback from beta readers, but buried myself in it and came out on top having overcome the challenges the feedback posed. I've spent countless days, and an impossible number of hours, glued to my computer. I gave up watching television and movies for...

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Book Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

Rating: Four Stars With the stack of The Selection Series piled on the floor by my bed, I just can't put these books down. I am a huge fan of the public library and, even more so since I was able to check out all four books at once. Unlike how I felt The Selection (Book 1) had been, The Elite (Book 2 in The Selection Series) was much more action-packed. Thrown straight into the albeit tame challenges The Elite must participate in along with increasing dangerous rebel attacks, I was completely absorbed. Add to those the surprising eliminations, consequences for breaking the Selection's rules, the discovery of countless secrets of an unstable country AND the entire kingdom (along with America's...

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Book Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Rating: Four Stars The Selection Series is absolutely "The Bachelor" meets "The Hunger Games" just without all the violence. I think I would've given it five stars if it had more action. Sure there were a few rebel attacks, but I think I wanted more. With that said, I really enjoyed The Selection and read it in 24 hours. That never happens to me! Cass set up a good love triangle in this book (SPOILER ALERT) and I almost died when Aspen, America's heartthrob back home, came to the castle as a soldier to win her back. The entire story is fairly light-hearted, in my opinion, which made it fun but not one I would probably pick up again. The ending also...

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2019 Reading List

Happy New Year! Can you believe we are already into 2019? I have no idea how 2018 sped by so fast, but I'm really looking forward to this new year. I have a lot planned for 2019 including the release of the Call of the Sirens trilogy and the preliminary work on my next YA Fantasy series that I absolutely can't wait to get started on! Don't worry, it just includes time travel! In the meantime, though, I've recently realized how much I have missed reading! I spent most of 2018 drafting outlines, writing rough drafts, and rewriting final copies, that I really didn't have much time to read. As things slowed down at the end of the year though,...

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Let the Writing Begin

My first trilogy is on track within the daunting publishing world, and I couldn't be more thrilled! The Harvest trilogy is set to release within the next 7-9 months and I am furiously working to get everything down on paper for you to read. The Harvest (Book One) began over six years ago. It was a fun idea that I spent long summer days working on with no real plan of where it was going. I'd write as ideas came to me and take breaks when they didn't. Well, six years--and seven complete overhauls to the idea--later and it's finally finished. But not only that, I learned, while writing The Harvest, that Iris and Jace's story didn't end with my last chapter. The Hunt (Book...

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Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard

My greatest fan is my sweet daughter (we’ll call her Lily). We lay on her blanket every day and I tell stories of adventures she and our Golden Retriever have together. The most recent one is “Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard”. It’s definitely a silly story for a little girl.  Enjoy! Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard Once upon a time, there was a very kind princess who lived in the castle with her mom, dad and best friend, Lucy. Lucy was a puppy. Lily had two magic jewels: a green one that let her talk to animals, and a blue one that let her control water. One day Lily walked through the kingdom searching for Lucy who she...

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