The Harvest

As the tide runs red with the blood of the Harvest, Iris must choose: remain loyal to her family or save the life of the human boy she loves, sacrificing her identity as a siren of the sea.

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The Hunt

Jace Jacobsen’s world disintegrated when a ruthless clan of sirens captured the love of his life. Now he’s giving up everything to go on the hunt for Iris—a journey he’s destined to fail.

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The Harrowing

A climactic battle between two worlds. A love between two lost souls. After a year imprisoned underwater, Iris is free and on the run. But escape comes with a dark discovery: her siren clan plans to wage war on the human world.

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Let the Writing Begin

My first trilogy is on track within the daunting publishing world, and I couldn't be more thrilled! The Harvest trilogy is set to release within the next 7-9 months and I am furiously working to get everything down on paper for you to read. The Harvest (Book One) began over six years ago. It was a fun idea that I spent long summer days working on with no real plan of where it was going. I'd write as ideas came to me and take breaks when they didn't. Well, six years--and seven complete overhauls to the idea--later and it's finally finished. But not only that, I learned, while writing The Harvest, that Iris and Jace's story didn't end with my last chapter. The Hunt (Book...

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Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard

My greatest fan is my sweet daughter (we’ll call her Lily). We lay on her blanket every day and I tell stories of adventures she and our Golden Retriever have together. The most recent one is “Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard”. It’s definitely a silly story for a little girl.  Enjoy! Princess Lily and the Ice Wizard Once upon a time, there was a very kind princess who lived in the castle with her mom, dad and best friend, Lucy. Lucy was a puppy. Lily had two magic jewels: a green one that let her talk to animals, and a blue one that let her control water. One day Lily walked through the kingdom searching for Lucy who she...

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